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Royale to start issuing bonds in November.
October 5, 2017
ARCEU – The banking authority of Koss, Royale, will start issuing bonds in an effort to raise capital. The news comes as Tetex (formerly the State Company of Holdings and Investments) and RPL International (formely the Kossian Importing Company) break record number of revenue. The bonds are issued in Austral Francs and may be bought […]
Royale proposes reform to the Austral Franc
September 8, 2017
ARCEU – The central bank of Koss, Royale, has proposed through Proposal of Law 07 – monetary reforms to the currency of the State. Under the new law, the Austral Franc becomes backed by a Royale Reserve to a fixed rate. Today, the Austral Franc (AUF) was issued within the MicroBank system by the Royale […]
What is ARCA and how it changed Koss
May 12, 2017
What is ARCA? The Administration of the Royal City of Arceu (ARCA) is the local government of the Kossian capital. Founded on March 22nd, 115, it is composed of: Council on Tobacco and Alcohol (CTA) Directorate of Women Studies (DWS) Office for Educational Matters (OEM) Royal Treasury of Arceu (RTA) Network of Active Participants (NAP) […]

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